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Be careful with 66 kinds of fire protection products
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The burning flames. A large number of fake fire products flood the circulation, so that we are still unable to truly nip in the bud. As a further blow fake fire products illegal behavior, recently, Hubei Province Public Security Fire Department announced the first batch of unqualified fire situation.

Learned from the Hubei Province Public Security Fire Department, the province since last year "11.5" the province's fire product census rectification deployment mobilization meeting, fire supervision agencies at all levels to conscientiously implement the State Council Safety Production Committee "about carried out the fire hazard census rectification work plan" and the Ministry of public security fire protection products "do a good job in census rectification work notice" and other documents spirit, to comprehensively strengthen the supervision and management of fire protection products, timely found and dealt with a large number of fake fire products illegal behavior. In order to optimize the market environment of fire protection products, the province announced the examination of fire protection products, a total of 66 kinds of products are classified as substandard products.

For the convenience of around the fire supervision department and the architectural design, production, sales, fire building materials departments using the correct identification of fake fire products, experts offer several simple identification method:

1 direct observation method. Many fire products can directly identify the inferior quality from the appearance. Such as common indoor fire hydrant, the stem must use the lead brass material, valve seat, stem nut must use 38 brass; handwheel rim shall be clearly cast said switch direction arrow and the words, the casting surface shall be free from defects in scarring, burr, crack and shrinkage hole; the external paint film should be smooth, color consistent, no bubbles, flow mark defects such as wrinkles, no obvious touch, row phenomenon. But for the magnesium glass steel ventilation ducts with fire, in the industrial and civil buildings smoke properties, hot room, although its incombustibility usually can meet the standard requirements, but the corresponding tensile, compressive, flexural strength can sometimes poor, in the inspection found quality such as wind tube relatively loose, surface appearance the obvious phenomenon of layer, bent by hand, loose, brittle fracture case, can be initially determined that the material belonging to the fake and shoddy products. In addition, such as the door frame and the door leaf lap wood fire door opening the discretion whether to stay with a sealing groove, and stuffed with incombustible material made of seal; whether the emergency lighting lamps shell using PVC material, such as the use of materials, it does not meet the requirements, its oxygen index reach the standard.

Method of test for 2 site. For wire and cable casing with foam plastic material, such as pipe insulation, according to the national standard of "building materials combustion performance of grading method", in different occasions, can be divided into class Bl (flame retardant materials) and B2 (flammable materials). The relevant requirements of the oxygen index must be greater than 32 (B1) and 26 (B2). And the air oxygen concentration to maintain materials continue burning about 21 in general. In recognition, can be directly to the material light, as it can continue to burn, shows that the oxygen index of the material is less than 26, the preliminary judgment of the material is not up to the B2 level (flammable materials). Similarly, in the inspection of fire extinguishers, also can use this method. The standard provisions of the state, portable dry powder fire extinguisher is above 2kg, the injection time shall not be less than 8s, the spraying distance shall not be less than 3 m, the jet lag time should be less than 5 s, spray residual rate should be no more than 15%. For the portable 1211 fire extinguishers and portable CO2 fire extinguisher, the injection time shall not be less than 8s, the spraying distance shall not be less than 3m and 1.5m, through the in-situ injection tests, can immediately distinguish fire extinguisher is qualified.

3 the overall discriminant method. For the fire hydrant box of fire protection products, national standards requirements that must be FCL sale, not assembled. During the inspection, one is the overall structure of the observed hydrant box, door glass thickness as hydrant box is less than 3 mm; the switch box nozzle, fire hose reel shaft, bent and a waterway system components, is made of copper alloy or aluminum alloy materials; two is to check the hose length, because the standard fire hose the length of 20+0.20m, while the standard length of hose fire hydrant box is 25 m, currently on the market with 20m water is directly assembled in the box of the situation is very serious.

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