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China is to carry out technical appraisal work of fire protection products
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"Fire prevention law of the people's Republic of China" and "supervision and management of fire protection products regulations" (Order No. 122 of the Ministry of public security and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, quality inspection administration) regulations, newly developed has yet to develop national standards or industry standards of fire protection products, shall be subject to the technical identification of fire protection products comply with fire safety requirements, before the production, sale and use of. To implement the "Fire Law" of the people's Republic of China and the "supervision and management of fire protection products regulations", to further improve the market access system of fire protection products, fire support, encourage scientific research and technological innovation, to ensure the fire new products, new technology is safe and reliable, the Ministry of public security will be with the National Commission developed a "product technical appraisal work the standard fire". In November 28, 2012, the Ministry of Public Security issued "on the issuance of < fire product technical appraisal job specification > notice", announced the fire product identification as the Ministry of public security fire product conformity assessment center, since January 1, 2013, the principal may entrust technical appraisement of fire protection products proposed to identification of fire protection products.

"The product technical appraisal norms" fire provides a comprehensive work program and standardization of technical appraisal of fire protection products, including fire product technical appraisal model and basic link, the implementation of the basic requirements, certificate management, factory quality assurance ability content requirements. The standard implementation, to guide the fire products production enterprises standardize technology identification, new product technical appraisal institutions to carry out technical appraisal and guidance and supervision departments in the implementation of quality supervision of fire protection products will play a positive role.

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