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Fire door teach you how to identify the fire-fighting equipment
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Fire protection activities related to their personal safety and property security, so the safety of such products with the best qualified products to generate formal manufacturers, Shijiazhuang Tianan door is a regular production of qualified fire door a large production base. Now in the current market circulation of fake fire products in large quantities, so consumers in the purchase must be careful, today the author to talk about how to identify fake fire products. In general, a fire protection products are qualified, we can see the main three aspects: 1 conforms to the certification system of fire protection products quality; 2 eligibility certification system; 3, compliance with mandatory inspection system.

Sign formal fire product appearance and packaging should be clear, durable, can also through the appearance recognition. Including product marking and quality inspection mark. Product logo should include the factory site, product name, product models, specifications, technical coefficient, product trademarks, production date and product number, executive standard code. Quality inspection marks shall include the inspectors and inspection mark. The fake and shoddy products appearance marks often rough fuzzy, incomplete, not durable. Fire fighting product appearance according to the specification requirement to use incombustible material or refractory material is using flammable or combustible materials, can also be used as a judgment for the fake and shoddy products according to. Such as fire emergency lighting, fire hydrant box product appearance of this should be required to use a nonflammable material or incombustible materials with organic glass and other combustible materials.

Personal and wealth safe standards are mandatory norms, for example: General technical conditions "wooden fire door GBl4101-93. According to "people's Republic of China Standardization Law" to ensure the health of human body. Therefore, the fire product specification are mandatory standards. According to the relevant provisions of the "law of the people's Republic of China product quality law", must be approved by the national fire products quality supervision and inspection center to do the type inspection may be eligible to enter the market of fire protection products, include other types of fire protection products in addition to the above 348 types of fire products. The certificate shall pass inspection. All fire products apart from the compulsory product certification system and pattern recognition system directory is compulsory inspection system, China has been the introduction of mandatory product certification system products fire trucks and other 12 kinds of products; the implementation of type approval system of fire protection products are protein, fluoro protein foam extinguishing agent and other 39 kinds of products; compulsory inspection system of fire protection products fire safety signs and other 105 kinds of products. The implementation of the compulsory product certification system and pattern recognition system of fire protection products should have relevant certificates and test reports. Should hold the national fire product quality supervision and inspection center of the type test speech.

First value there is no quality certification and inspection report. Inspection of speech and quality certification should be stamped with the seal of fire quality. After seeing these certificates, purchase or use of fire products. Depends on the quality of products and product handling sound. Inspection of speech must be within three years over three years on the principle of product does not allow reproduction. When I buy products fire, in accordance with the requirements of classification management, manufacturers or vendors to provide a corresponding procedures and product quality inspection report, it may be fake and shoddy products.

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