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Have a look you a small fire products not qualified
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Chongqing morning paper dispatch (reporter Wang Zihan) yesterday morning, fire brigade law enforcement officers Dadukou District had used unqualified fire supplies a new development area for inspection. Confirmation problems of the outdoor fire hydrant and fire doors have ruled out the hidden dangers, law enforcement officials said the developer to the owners to others.

Dadukou District Fire Brigade Fire Department staff said that the first acceptance of diagnosis, the fire in a month ago, law enforcement officers found on each floor of the fire hydrant problems exist in the District, a total of more than 200. Used for fireproof door and obstructing fire effect, because the door is not completely filled rock wool, law enforcement officers were identified as unqualified.

In view of the existing problems, Dadukou District fire brigade to reduce the quality of construction without authorization, punish the small developers to 10000 yuan, and the deadline for correction. In the rectification before acceptance, not to owners of others.

Yesterday, Dadukou District fire brigade to remind the general public, approval of housing, don't forget to pay attention to the outside fire facilities. Firefighters said, owners can from the following simple way of self-examination.

One, eliminating the firebox: generally, fire hydrant, fire hose and a water gun fire box has three parts, one less.

Two, the fire hydrant decompression orifice plate: whether the use of copper material;

Three, fire doors: can automatically shut down, whether there is a rock wool door frame;

Four, evacuation activities: in the stairwell, whether installation of emergency lighting and write a "safe passage" the lamp board;

Five, there is no automatic sprinkler and alarm, smoke detector.

In addition to the above easy to identify fire activities, there are a number of detection is more professional equipment. Such as automatic spray, alarm, smoke detector and other related equipment.

This kind of fire protection products, has been the focus of fire protection inspection of law enforcement personnel, industry mainly to see whether they are complete, are indispensable.

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