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The stairwell fire door must be shut
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FuZhou Railway Station near the platinum crystal Times Building 20 unit room on fire, smoke siege hundreds of households "escape" (see our October 24, 2013 A31 edition). Yesterday morning, Jinan fire brigade released the cause of the fire, the Department of housing units in power line fault caused by computer.

On the day of the accident, fire officers and soldiers from the alarm to arrive on the scene, in less than 10 minutes, the smoke from the fire at the 20 layer has spread to 5 storey building, endanger life safety of nearly 100 people. Directly due to the serious accident, Department building each layer in the stairwell fire door much in the open state, leading to smoke spread wantonly in the building.

The Fuzhou Fire Department reminded the public, in high-rise buildings, the staircase is the most important to maintain life channel, each fan fire doors closed, can effectively prevent the smoke into the corridor, to the people escaped from the fire to win time.

Households memories: open eyeful is smoke panic returned elderly live in platinum crystal Times Building 1714 room of Mr. Fu, the fire room and his place with 20 layers. "When I know that after the fire, it was too late, open the door to the corridor was full of smoke. I panicked Zhang Ye can not find a fire channel." After the incident, Mr. Fu with a wet towel to block the door, hiding in the far window from the door, towards the outside for help. Finally, one by one to break the firefighters rescue, Mr. Fu were saved. In emergency evacuation, Mr. Fu found, from the 20 storey building until 5 layer, have been full of smoke. And Mr. Fu had the same experience and more than 100 trapped households. According to several new store fire squadron fire officers and soldiers involved in the rescue of the fire is not confirmed, in fact, but ignited many produce smoke material. The reason of smoke diffusion in the area of the interior of the building, it is because for evacuation stairwell fire door almost all open, provides space for smoke flow. Random survey: the majority of the masses astray often fire doors in the open state with the Fuzhou more and more high-rise buildings, high-rise building fire hazard is also more public attention. However, reporters yesterday visited many series of high-rise residential, office found, stair safety management of the fire door is easy to be ignored. Yesterday afternoon, the reporters came to the Pu Avenue, swan Bay community, random check. In the area of No. 9, from the 1 floor to the 15 floor, each floor stairwell fire doors are almost open. Reporter readily to close a door, he found the door has been artificially fixed. Live in 15 floor of the owner Mr. Chen said, fire door stairs almost have not closed. Mr. Lin, 10 building owners also said: "the fire door stair rarely shut, encountered the fire just good escape." In the mouth of the flag flood Sanshan building is mixed commercial and residential building. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in the building north and South building several floors, staircases installed isolation door, can automatically rebound, but the door was artificially with sticks, bricks and other propped open. A security answer is surprising: "this is the fire channel, if lost, people want to escape from here, so we must open!" Platinum crystal Times Building just fire, property management office director Mr. Shi also said: "tenants often use stairs import and balcony drying clothes, usually fire doors are open, and has long been doing." He even asked reporters: "don't fire door of the staircase is not to open?" Fire department reminds: staircases with chimney effect closing fire door is the key "high-rise buildings, escape the most important is equipped with a fire door stairway. Platinum Times Building the fire caused by hundreds of residents trapped, the key problem is the fire door in the stairs didn't do normally closed, causing black smoke quickly spread wildly in each floor!" Jinan fire brigade captain Chen Yinda said. Fuzhou Fire detachment relevant source, in a closed space, the smoke level diffusion speed of 0.5-0.8 M / s, the vertical diffusion speed is 3-6 times faster than its. The smoke in the vertical space will be preferential diffusion. But in the high-rise building, elevator wells, pipelines or stairs, like the vertical chimney, in case of fire, the degree of influence is bound to exacerbate the fire, the building higher and higher, "chimney effect" more obvious. Captain Chen also said that the fire door is mainly used to isolate fire, once the building caught fire, smoke, fire, heat can be effectively isolated in a limited space, cover the mass escape. Therefore, most of the fire door is normally closed set, the stairs or the roof top door usually should be closed. In fact, keep the stairwell fire doors closed, just a citizen. The Fuzhou fire department also suggested that in the high-rise building fire hazard investigation, whether property owners or management personnel, have the responsibility to ensure that the fire door stair normally closed. This detail should not be ignored.

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